Courses in Italian Language for foreign students

Courses for the AY 2023-24 –  registration from 14th December 2023 to 1st February 2024

CLICI organizes Courses in Italian Language and Culture for Tor Vergata University’s foreign students and for external participants. The Courses (60 hours each) will be run from the second half of March 2024 to June 2024.  

The final exams of the courses will be held by June 2024. 


Courses modality (online/on-site) 

CLICI is going to provide on-site and/or online coursesaccording to the rooms’ availability and the number of participants. 

The courses include 40 hours of classroom lessons (20 lessons of two hours each, held twice a week on-site or remotely on the Zoom platform) + 20 hours of asynchronous online activities for a total of 60 hours. 

Confirmation of the activation of each level and the mode of attendance (on-site or remotely) as well as the schedule of each class will be provided a few days before the start of the courses. 


Free courses for Tor Vergata Students 

The courses are free for all foreign students enrolled in any course of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” (Erasmus students, Undergraduate students, Postgraduate students, PhD students, etc.) and for teachers/professors/researchers/administrative staff who are employees or have a contract with Tor Vergata University.  


Costs for external participants 

The registration fee for external (non-Tor Vergata) participants is € 300.  


Registration and placement test 

It is possible to register for the second semester courses from December 14, 2023 to February 1, 2024.  

In order to register, follow the instructions for one of the following categories: 

  • Tor Vergata Students (including Erasmus or Exchange students, Undergraduate students, Postgraduate students, PhD students and teachers/professors/researchers/administrative staff who are employees or have a contract with Tor Vergata University): click here 


  1. Students who are absolute beginners in Italian language have to register on the Delphi platform without taking the placement test. During the registration procedure on Delphi, they will have to select the option “Absolute beginner”.  
  2. Students who are NOT beginners are requested to take the placement test which consists of a written, computer-based test – to be held on the CLICI’s Moodle platform – and of an online speaking skills test – to be held on Zoom. Thus, during the registration procedure on Delphi, students will have to select one of the following dates for the online speaking skills test by Zoom. 
  • 16 February (at 2.30 pm CET) 
  • 20 February (at 4.30 pm CET) 
  • 22 February (at 4.30 pm CET) 
  • 23 February (at 2.30 pm CET) 
  • 27 February (at 4.30 pm CET) 
  • 29 February (at 4.30 pm CET) 
  • 1 March (at 2.30 pm CET) 

Computer-based test: the written computer-based test will be held on CLICI’s Moodle platform. Students will receive all the information about how to access the platform and take the test 4 days before the speaking skills test at the latest. They will have to complete the written test up to one day before the speaking skills test (e. g.:  if they book the test of 16 February, they will receive the instructions to complete the written computer-based test by 12 February and will have to complete it by 15  February. 

Speaking skills test: it is possible to book the online test no later than 1st February 2024, registration deadline. However, we recommend choosing the date for the interview as soon as possible, as up to 30 students will be admitted to each session. Students won’t be allowed to take the interview if they haven’t taken the computer-based written test at least one day before. Students will receive the instructions to access Zoom some days before the test by email. 

Two weeks after the start of the course, external participants will have to access Delphi again to download the registration bill and pay the registration fee trough PagoPA. The bill validation is mandatory in order to attend the course and to obtain the final certificate. 


Final exam and certificate 

Students have to attend at least 70% of the 40 hours of classroom lessons (held on-site or remotely on Zoom) and to carry out 70% of the online asynchronous activities, in order to obtain the certificate of attendance and to be admitted to thefinal exam.  

The final exam consists of an on-site written test which will take place on the last day of the course lesson, and of an online oral test which will be held by June 2024 

Students who pass the final exam will receive a final grade certificate that they can then download from Delphi platform.    


The schedule will be provided by email some days before the courses’ beginning along with information about how to access lessons on Zoom (online courses) or how to reach the classroom (on-site courses). 

For further information: