Clici#Tandem is a project aimed at implementing culture and language exchange between university students. Participants will join a virtual classroom to meet up with international students and to practice their speaking skills for 60 minutes, in pairs or in small groups. Each student will be able to practice the language they want to improve for 30 minutes.

Language exchange:

Italian -> foreign language

foreign language  -> Italian


In order to collect the applications, students are requested to fill out a very short questionnaire indicating their mother tongue and/or a second language (second language proficiency level: B2 onwards ) and the language/s they would like to practice (minimum proficiency level: A2).

Click HERE to fill out the questionnaire

The questionnaire is available until 6th July 2021 at 12.00 am. A new questionnaire will be available starting from September 2021 


Before to filling out the questionnaire read the rules of conduct

The Tandem service is going to start in  the second week of July, the meetings are going to be held on the Zoom platform. Students who fill out the questionnaire will be provided with the link to the calendar and information about how to access the Tandem.