ICoN – Online Self-learning Courses of Italian language

Application deadline: 5 April 2022

Thanks to the collaboration between CLICI and ICoN (Italian Culture on the Net) Consortium, Tor Vergata Univesity’s foreign students have the chance to attend ICoN self-learning online courses of Italian language for free.

Students who want to study Italian when CLICI’s courses are not open or who cannot attend CLICI’s courses can apply for ICoN self-learning courses.

Tor Vergata University’s students who want to apply for the free courses are required to:

  1. Fill out the application form (download the application form here: Application form – ICoN courses)
  2. Sign the application form and send it to info.linguaitaliana@uniroma2.it by 5 April 2022 specifying in the email object “Iscrizione corso ICoN” and sending in attachment a screenshot of their Delphi page containing their name and surname, their ‘matricola’ number and their last year of enrolment.

Students who send the form correctly will receive an email providing information about how to access the self-learning courses. The course will be provided on a platform which will be accessible for one year.

More information about the courses’ program is available at http://www.icon-lingua.it/en/self-learning.

CLICI will not provide any certificate relating to ICoN courses.